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Q: How to return to the main page?
A: Click the Magic Place logo in the upper center of the screen, or click the Home button.

Q: Can I view this offline content?
A: Unfortunately no. Currently, Magic Place must be broadcast via an appropriate internet connection.

Q: How can I display on my mobile or tablet?
A: Simply use the web browser on your device to access Magic-place.fr. You will be able to log in and the video player will adapt automatically to the size of your screen, so that your viewing is always optimized.

Q: Do you have a Magic Place app?
A: We work there. This is usually a process that takes a few months.

Q: When will I know if a new trick is coming?
A: All users automatically receive an e-mail when a new turn is added. We do not have a recurrence programped. We have a lot of future projects!

Q: How much does the shipping cost?
A: Nothing. You can watch as many content as you can. Anytime anywhere.

Q: Can I submit a trick on Magic Place?
R: Yes, send us an email via the contact form